The ProContext methodology systematically uses the standardized methods of Human-Centered Design with a focus on context of use analysis, putting the goals and tasks of the user in the center, thereby achieving the highest quality of use.

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Consulting Services

We consult, coach and enable you to better understand and document user needs in your target market, make smarter decisions based on explicit user requirements and create protoypes that are tailored for inexpensive early evaluation.

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Seminars and Certification

Our experts teach you the fundamentals and all advanced details of Human-Centered Design and share their expert knowledge to help you navigate your own design project as a certified professional.

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Now Available: Online Course "CPUX-F" in English

Online course 'Fundamentals of Usability and User Experience (CPUX-F)'

Want to learn the basics of human-centered design and what usability and user experience are all about? Including terms and concepts as well as the most promising methods. And do you want to have a certificate in your hand at the end to testify that you really understood and mastered the fundamentals of HCD?

This online course "Usability and User Experience - Foundation Level (CPUX-F)" is a full-fledged alternative to our 3-day seminar of the same name, but without the hassle of travel and without a set schedule. You learn at your own pace through video-based learning units, and you get plenty of sample test questions to optimally prepare you for the certification exam.

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