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ProContext Methodology

Great user experience and usability are results of our proven Human-Centred Design methods

A person has drawn the way through a labyrinth with a pencil
The ProContext methodology systematically uses the standardised methods of Human-Centered Design with a focus on context of use analysis, putting the goals and tasks of the user in the center, thereby achieving excellent quality of use and great user experience.

Every project is different, but ProContext’s systematic approach with well-established methods of Human-Centered Design always enables us to reach our goals and achieve the highest quality in use quickly and safely.

To ensure that our clients achieve the best possible project results, ProContext usually takes the following approach:

  1. First, your project / product management team and our consultants analyze the status and goals of your project and define a custom-tailored "Human-Centered Design Roadmap" using our large pool of well-established methods and our experience from hundreds of projects.
  2. Then depending on what is needed, our consultants perform context of use analyses, user requirements engineering, user interface prototyping, and/or usability testing and evaluation, all in close cooperation with your team.
  3. We provide detailed results with clear recommendations for high quality of use, taking into account product roadmaps, stakeholder management, development processes and strategic resource planning.

What You Can Achieve With Us (Your Benefit):

  • You know how best to proceed in order to sustainably improve the customer experience and user experience of your product or service.
  • You can be sure that the best possible result will be achieved with the means available..
  • You gain experience and confidence in Human-Centered Design.
  • You are relieved of work and make faster progress in the project.
  • You gain flexibility in your project through our universally applicable usability engineers.
  • You will receive standardized work results that will help you move forward immediately as well as in the long term.

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